Thursday, October 4, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip North- Day 6, Part 2- Forester,MI to Harbor Beach, MI

 Interesting to see the different signs at the beginning drives of what we imagined
as great summer houses hidden behind the trees and greenery.
I would imagine someone inviting you to their home and saying,
"turn at the flip flop sign."
 In this area there were a few rest stops on the way.

  We found a rest stop for a rest room break (smell not nice)
G took a few steps down this path and quickly came back to wave me to come on.

 In a few steps, it led to an overlook of Lake Huron
where we took a selfie.
 The wind was blowing and it was so chilly.
The steps down to the narrow sandy beach were blocked off.
 At this roadside park was an interesting
hand pumped water fountain.
 We wondered how a person could pump and drink alone.
 We soon found out
when you stopped pumping the water kept running.
Then I remembered my childhood days
when we used pumps,
the siphon keeps working temporarily
then water drops to bottom of pipe again.
That's a great idea for an area with a hard winter.
Water won't freeze in the pipes.
The winterizing is automatic.

So far this was turning into a great Sunday drive.
 Day 6, Part 2

Aggregated Map


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  1. Those flip flops are a great idea for a turning notice - nobody else would have them, that's for sure. Wonder at the significance of the stork - did someone perhaps have a baby? Don't you wish you could knock on their door and ask!


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