Sunday, October 14, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip North Day 7, Part 2- Alpena to Mackinaw City, Michigan

 Spotted while sitting in the car at the gas station.

 The reason we like driving roads that go along the water.

 Several campgrounds in this area.

 I have always heard of this town, Cheboygan.
Not as big as I had thought it would be since the name had been heard
a lot throughout my life.
I hear the name now in an insurance commercial.
Maybe it was bigger than what we saw by staying on highway 23?

 As we traveled Michigan along this coastal highway,
I often thought if this is where many of the Florida snowbirds lived.

 Saw very little of a town?

 Someone loves flowers in their yard as much as Mr. G does.

 We realized we had gotten into a tourist town,
and took a minute to realize some of it looked familiar.
We had come full circle.
Remember the tractor parade we accidentally got into?

Fall 2018 Trip North- Day 4, Part 1- Mackinaw City, MI Tractor Show

 Fall 2018 Trip North Day 7, Part 2

Aggregated Map

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  1. That giant rock has me puzzled this time - was it 'born' that way or did someone carve it? Interesting! We like water views when we're driving too - always beautiful. And, of course I loved that wonderful red barn (I snagged your photo for future reference - thank you!).


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