Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip North Day 9, Part 1- Paw Paw to Lawton, Michigan

 Even though at this point we aren't driving along the coast of Lake Michigan,
we truly see that Michigan is the land of a thousand lakes.
 A drive by shot with some glare from my window.

 A grass with a white bloom I've never seen before.
At first it looks like morning dew or frost,
but this is a warm mid-afternoon shot.

 Lawton is reminiscent of some of the towns we saw out west.

 Grapes for Welches?
Fall 2018 Trip North Day 8, Part 6- Paw Paw to Lawton, Michigan

Basic Map

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  1. You take the most interesting photos! I was surprised to see a field of grapes in that area because I thought the only place they did well was in California. Proves what I know!!


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