Saturday, October 13, 2018

Fall 2018 Trip North Day 7, Part 1- Alpena, Michigan

 We had a wide variety of food for breakfast
 at our continental breakfast
at Big Bear Lodge in Alpena, Michigan.
As we left the Lodge, we were greeted with this morning view of
Lake Huron across the street.

 A short drive through a residential area
 led us through downtown.

 On the north side of town, we found Island Park.

 Island Park was the location of the first covered bridge
on our trail since we hadn't gotten back into the U.S.
 You can quickly tell this bridge wasn't built too long ago.

 Wish I was still capable of walking trails.
So many more adventures missed.

Alpena, Michigan was a nice town
and had more things to see,
but we moved on to see more of Michigan.
Our ride for the day, continued on around the shores of Michigan.
Fall 2018 Trip North Day 7, Part 1

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  1. This time I wondered about the use for what looks like a small water tower (Island Park photos) and yet it's made of wood.


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