Friday, September 2, 2016

Fun or Funny Fri Foto ~ 127 Yard Sale Treasures 2016

The World's Longest Yard Sale,
Highway 127 from Michigan to Alabama
is held the first full weekend of August.
We have done the entire Yard sale over the years.
Every year still, we do a bit.
this year we traveled a great part of Kentucky again.
Both Mr. G and I got some great buys again.

 The large roll of paper above was 2$.
I plan to use it to draw out quilt designs.
Mr. G continues to add to his UK collection.
 I bought this bag for one item only that I had been looking for since
 I had acquired a bunch of snaps from the Ohio 127 Yd sale last year.
 I needed these pliers to apply the snaps to sewing projects.

 All the other items were a bonus.  
Like this wooden handle tracing wheel.
 I had to ask friends in my Facebook Group "Just Sew" what this item did.
Found out its what my family called a "Juice Harp."  
Some in the Facebook group called it a "Jews Harp" and others "Jaw Harp."
Someone suggested it might have been stored in the sewing box,
so other family members wouldn't find it and then lose it?
I'm guessing this is a film canister.
  It's aluminum.
 I bought 2 plastic containers for $1 each which was a bargain just for the container.

 When I sorted it all out, this is what was found in the containers!
 My big bargain for the weekend was the magnifying lamp.
These lamps are very expensive when you find them at JoAnn's.
I quickly checked the internet with my Smart phone to make sure I wasn't nuts.

 Sure enough, these things can be 75 to $100!
I got this one for $15!
The bulb worked.
I had to giggle when the guy told me it works fine, because
the magnifying class [sitting in the sun] almost started a fire on the box below.
When not in use, it stores perfectly here, within easy reach,
to add more light to the cutting table or sewing desk when needed.
I consider a book a bargain when its under a dollar.
You can guess why I got this one.
About all I look for now is sewing related.
I do not need anything else for the house.
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  1. Hello, I enjoyed seeing your finds! Note about your lamp: I believe people "wrap" the magnifying glass in a sort of drawstring bag when they are not using it, just so as to provide a shield against the rays of the sun.


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