Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 20~ Copalis Beach, WA to Seattle, WA

Headed out early on a cloudy Sunday morning to beat the traffic through Olympia, Tacoma and to Seattle.

A city park sculpture in Aberdeen that was made from ???
 We had one back up in Tacoma that our GPS routed us around.
No stops or crawling traffic.  Just rather heavy for us, & 4 lanes at that.

 We arrived at Mr. G's cousin, Dave, for lunch.
While he grilled salmon, prepared and served the rest of our lunch,
we enjoyed his beautiful back yard.

 Then we took an afternoon trip.

 Dave used to be a Hostler for the railroad.
He was able to tell us about the train that had just traveled 2000 miles from Minnesota.

 Salmon swimming upstream through the locks.
We were able to watch through the glass.
Salmon migrate from late August to early October.

 Dave was able to tell us about the design of the bridge including it's counterweight.
 Someone is managing the bridge 24/7 from the little "house."
They communicate with the person in the tower at the locks and central control in Ft. Worth, TX.

 Our shadows.

 These concrete roof were poured in place.
 The emergency lock that can be turned by men using iron rods in the event that power fails.
 People are allowed to walk over the miter gates until the bell starts ringing.
Also folks are not allowed to stand and take pictures and observe on the gates.
Barely enough room for a baby carriage and wheel chair to meet.

We viewed a video of the history of the locks and the adjoining arboretum.
There was a 7 acre arboretum which I just was not able to walk through.

The Lineman were very helpful and patient with instructing the boats where to tie.  
Dave says many of the Linemen are retired military.

The boaters were instructed to watch their ties as the water rose or lowered.
 Dave says the swirling of the water is caused by salt water mixing with fresh.

 Just before the gates opened the salmon really started jumped on ahead more
 as if they knew they had to get out of the way.

 Next, we took a drive around Magnolia Blvd and got some wonderful shots.

 From Magnolia Blvd you could see Mt. Rainier, a beautiful majestic view.

 The hills and streets of Seattle remind me so much of San Fransisco.
 Space Needle which is on the list for tomorrow.
Dave is a great tour guide and host.
Couldn't have wished for more.

Follow along on our trip as I will try to post daily.
Just use the "Newer" button below to find out what happened on Day 3.

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