Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 16~ Boise, ID to Kennewick, WA

Worked on yesterday's post after we had breakfast.
Had a beautiful view.
 Got off Interstate and drove through New Plymouth.
Did not find any water wheels.

 Anyone know what this is?
 We both misread and thought it said Fayette.

 Onion Harvest

 Snake River

 Accident ahead.  Lucky we were able to detour immediately.
All cars could detour, trucks could not.
 Something not new for us.
We could see cars that were in the line of about 5 miles of traffic waiting.
We finally saw the traffic was stopped by a helicopter, but could see no accident.

 Stopped in Baker City to eat lunch.
Then drove around this old town that began as a gold town.

 Mr. G went in to check out this place.

Mr. G saw a road sign about this place.
It was only a 5 mile detour.
Turned out to be very interesting.
Our Park Pass got us in.

 Been seeing some of these plants in the pictures I've taken on this trip.

 I couldn't help but think how some children today think they have it hard.
 Mr. G wanted me to take a picture of every one of these horses we saw.
They are beautiful.

 A salt house?

Columbia River
Washington on the other side, Oregon in the foreground.

 Columbia River
Train track between the river and the highway.

 Travel Route Today

Travel to date

Follow along on our trip as I will try to post daily.
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  1. How fun that you saw all these fun things and showed them here. Great photos! I feel like I just went on a vacation in a couple of minutes!


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