Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 1~ Home to Madison, IN

Plans had been for us to get up this morning and leaving.
Well, life happens.
Considering what happened, I think we are lucky to have only had a 6 hour or so delay.
Greg had a fender bender yesterday and yes, thank you God, he is fine.
Was going so slow the air bag didn't even activate.
Yet, it bursted the radiator and smashed up a few more things so it's undrivable,
and the way cars are these days, most likely actually totaled.
Talked to insurance company and found out I can take care of it after the trip.
So off we went, tired bodies and all.
By the time we made a "I forgot" return to the house, it was almost 4:30 when we hit the highway.
We or at least I was anxious to leave.
Now in hind sight, we should have spent another night home and started out fresh in the morning.
As we drove north on I75, we realized we would hit Cincinnati at rush hour.
Our GPS told us we could take a few more minutes to go across the state to Indiana.
Plus, I had noticed our new route would take us through Madison, Indiana,
I remembered this past June we had tried to stay in the Hillside Inn,
but their AC had quit and they called to cancel our room.
It was only a little over an hour away, but after 40 minutes we were already SO tired!
So I booked the room.
 We exited I75 at Dry Ridge and drove across the country to I71 past Carrollton,Ky.
Meanwhile, we tried to enjoy the drive.
 It was beautiful, hilly farm country, but we were too hot and tired to enjoy the ride.
We had driven this road last spring along the Ohio River.
 The bridge crossed at Milton, KY and Madison, IN.
We had no resentment of stopping after a couple hours of driving.

This is the view from our room this evening.
 We loved this little town last spring, and said we wanted to return.
For all my friends in Lexington and Louisville,
this is a little town you should consider for a drive one day this fall.
Can you imagine the foliage in a couple of months?
 I hear they have a great seafood restaurant which I believe you can actually see in this picture (white building.)
 It's got a cute little down town full of little shops.

But, we are just too tired tonight,
and will just sit here and enjoy our beautiful view.

Follow along on our trip as I will try to post daily.
Just use the "Newer" button below to find out what happened on Day 2.


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