Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 15~ Idaho Falls- Moon Crater to Boise, ID

 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

After we had breakfast at our hotel,
we took a walk behind our hotel on the river.
Something that was not planned at all.
I did not realize the hotel was on the river
until I checked in and the host said you might want to take a river walk in the morning.
Check out is at noon.

Had to have the hotel's key code to get through the gate.
We had no idea we were walking upon
what I'm guessing was the city's name sake.

 It was way to large for a panoramic shot,
so I took shots side by side of
the length of the falls I could see.
I'm guessing it was a quarter mile long, Mr. G thinks three quarter.
Didn't research.

Front of hotel.
Then on to Blackfoot, Idaho
 Saw one unharvested potato patch right outside Idaho Falls.
Harvest starts mid August to October.

 Actually the Chamber of Commerce building.
Admission for us was $2.50 each.
 Then as we came out of the small museum,
they gave us this.
 Almost right behind the museum was
Rupe's Burgers.

 I'm guessing there was some history here.
 Leaving Blackfoot we found more straw that had been baled into the large bales.
I'm guessing these would be equivalent to 8 or 10 regular hand bales.
Trucks were transporting them on 3 trailers at a time, 
making for a very long truck.
UPS and other transporters were pulling 3 trailers as well.
I would not want to drive one up and down some of these mountain roads like last night.

 All of these shots today were drive by shots taken from the highway as Mr. G drove.
 Close to Atomic City

 A volcanic spill.
As we were driving through this land of magnum rock,
I told Mr. G I felt like I was driving through a used grill pit.
 A trail.

 The vegetation did add some beauty.

 Folks could take the path to the top of the inferno cone.
However, it was so windy, I could hardly stand up in the parking lot to take a picture.
Needless to say, we didn't go up as much as we wanted.
You can tell by the person coming down, the size of this mound.

 First I had seen the big bales in storage.
 A large heard of deer out in a pasture.
 Just think of the bins today that have replaced these.

THE largest herd we've seen on the whole trip.
Coming out of the mountain into the city of Mountain Home, Idaho.

 This home gets to see that view shown in previous shot.

 We crossed the Oregon Trail.

 See the smoke.
 I checked the wildfire lists and found
a fire in Boise Forrest had burned 188,404 acres to date and was still active.
An oasis?
 Our first peek of Boise, ID.
Our route between Cody, WY and Boise, ID over 2 days.


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  1. I love your photos!!! Beautiful country. I might paint that barn shot!


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