Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 22~ Seattle, WA to Lincoln City, OR

 Got up at 4:30 and left at 5 am to go through Seattle before the traffic got bad.
Seattle showed us it's drizzle of rain as we left.
We got through Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia just fine.
Just as the sun was rising around 7, we stopped in Montesano, WA for breakfast.
 I'd say  the Bee Hive has been there for a while.
We love those kind of places.

Since Mr. G tried a German pancake the other night, I decided to try the Swedish pancake.
Like a crepe.
Then on down to travel along 101 sometimes detouring a bit.

A surprise covered bridge for pedestrians.

I can't believe Oregon lets this happen!

We had to turn around and take a shot of this.
This couple said they had just finished putting up this fence they made.
Can you see a beach in the distance?

Our day ended in Lincoln City, OR. with an evening nap before supper of course.

Follow along on our trip as I will try to post daily.
Just use the "Newer" button below to find out what happened on Day 3.

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