Saturday, September 24, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 18~ Centralia, OR - Mt. St. Helen to Copalis Beach, WA

 Climbed out of bed and pulled the curtains open to find it raining.
Oh yeah we are in Oregon.
Lakeview Inn actually had a lake view.
Oh how many we've passed that had that name and we wonder about the lake view.

 Mr. G discovered we had passed the Mt. St. Helen exit yesterday.
We were kicking ourselves that we didn't stop by on the way.
There were NO signs on the Interstate.  What's up with that?
So we drove back about 30 miles to check it out, despite the rain.
 This is a view of Mt. St. Helen when it's fogged in.
Take a crayon and draw it in?
 Due to the rain, we decided to postpone Seattle.
Mr. G's cousin in Seattle said traffic would be terrible since it was Friday,
and we preferred a sunny day.
As recommended by our Seattle Guide, Dave, we pulled off for lunch 
as the Interstate was already getting crowded,
 & we were over 2 hours away from Seattle.
 After driving north on I 5, we just happened to exit again at Centralia
and immediately found a place called Burgerville.
Burgers were GMO free.
Yes, there is actually a burger among that lettuce.

Then on through more rain to Copalis.
At least we were off the Interstate.

 Oakville....Timebertown....get it?
 We found this structure for an elementary school interesting.
 I liked this opened, covered area that could be used for recess on rainy days, like today.
 Mr. G was absolutely amazed with these stores.  
Thought it was a hoot.
He just had to get a shot.
 We wondered how this award was determined?

 Rain started letting up at Aberdeen.

  Suddenly the sky opened up and there was the sun!
Our first view of the Pacific Ocean on this trip.

 We spotted Big Foot.  Love his smile.
I'm guessing Mr. G will take a closer look at this stop.
 Our home for the next 2 nights.

 As if they were on que, 2 fawns come out of the woods as we did.
 Their Mother was close behind.
 While I was in the office checking in, Mr. G got busy taking shots.
The owner said there were 7 deer that lived there.
Said she had a hard time keeping flowers.

 The place wasn't at all what I had dreamed.
I thought it was a 2 story building overlooking the beach.

 That wasn't the case.
While they cleaned out our fireplace,
we walked back to the beach.
About a 1000 yds away down a path,

 Over a bridge and

 Another 1000 yds.

 The water never gets warm enough for swimming here, says the owner.
They don't need air conditioning here.
 We were told this is a perfect spot to see the sunset.
We didn't get to today, maybe tomorrow.
 The pool is surrounded with windows and partial roof.
It's closed. Not even heated, so not sure if its ever used.
 You can tell the owners have worked hard on the upkeep of this quaint place.
 The condo is very quiet and I always love not being around crowds.
 We even have a private enclosed court yard.

 Look at those fluffy, cozy blankets.
That's my bag of 3 pillows that go on all my trips.
Mr. G has started carrying his UK pillow.

We drove down to Ocean Shores for supper,
then on the way back North we drove past our drive to check out some of the northern route.
We came upon a beach access road only to find out,
it was a drive on beach!
Our timing was perfect.

A Pacific Coast Sunset
 This is the most north we have gone on the Pacific Coast.
This makes the "furthermost" from home sunset" to date for us.

Then back to the condo.
It's been years since I built a fire.

I chose Beech Wood Resort after making sure they had a TV with cable so Mr. G could watch football.
Well they have 23 cable channels and no espn. 
So Mr G has limited access to football this weekend.
Meanwhile, I see a hot tub and a pool table.


Follow along on our trip as I will try to post daily.
Just use the "Newer" button below to find out what happened on Day 3.

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