Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 2~ Madison, IN to Springfield, ILL

As we left our hotel in Madison, IN we immediately stopped to check out some history.

Then northwest on through the Indiana countryside.
 Names we see close by my home.
Hey local friends, would you believe the next sign was Midway?
Just like home.
Stopped for breakfast in Vernon, Indiana.
Mr. G took the pictures at breakfast.

 Would you, could you eat either one of these?
Cabin next door to Log Cabin restaurant.
We drove around town a bit to take more pictures.
The waitress said Richard Nixon's mother grew up here until she was 12 years old.
He rode his helicopter to the elementary school parking lot to give a speech there.

The waitress said we should go to Greensburg, IN to see something very unusual.
So we did.
 What's wrong with this picture?
Do you see the "unusual thing?"
 Not the buffalo.
The tree growing out of the tower of the courthouse!
The public is not allowed into that part of the courthouse.
It's a beautiful courthouse and busy square as all the stores were in business.
 Even a fabric store and would you believe I didn't go in?
Even the local hardware store is still in business.
Lots of cars were parked around the square.
The people of this town have honored every war.

 The Revolutionary War was also included.

When you think about it, it is sad they had to start another row.
I guess Afghanistan will be added someday if its ever over?
 Honda plant @ Greensburg, Indiana
We traveled the country roads through Indiana into Illinois.
 Highway 31 North.  31E & W go through Kentucky.

 Found ourselves back in the Covered Bridge Area of Indiana we had visited back in 2012.
I remember spending about an hour shopping in this variety store in Rockville, Indiana.
It was full of oldies which reminded me of the days of shopping in Newberry's.
This is the area that has a Covered Bridge Festival in October.

 Camp Butler Road, Springfield, Illinois
 Our hotel for the night was a large conference center not busy at the moment.

 As seen from the highway.
Our front door for the night.

Hope you enjoyed today's ride as much as we did.
Follow along on our trip as I will try to post daily.
Just use the "Newer" button below to find out what happened on Day 3.

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