Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 24~ Yachats, OR to Bandon, OR

Leaving our hotel, Dublin Inn to start day 24.

 Breakfast in Florence, OR

 For the second time on this trip, got our oil changed at Oil Can Henry's.
Photo by Mr. G

 When I saw the "unstable" sign, I didn't try climbing to the top to see what else I could see.
Will probably regret I didn't try.

 Just a mile detour to checkout Glasgow, OR for the namesake of my hometown.
 The only store in the community.
 Probably a dozen houses with several all over the hillside looking over the river.
 As we drove further we found Kentuck Way, then turned around to get ourselves back on track.
 As we come back through town, we noticed a few more signs.

 Our destination for the day.

 We met Greg's sister from Eugene, OR @ Windermere Condos.
Beautiful place with a beautiful view of the ocean.

 Drove downtown for early supper and walked around the pier.

 I do believe that tree is growing through the fence.
 After supper went back to the condo,
and Mr. G and his cousin went for long beach walk to catch the sunset.
I hung around the condo and took sunset pictures.

 It was dreamlike to see the horses on the beach come around the bend of the rocks.

 Mr. G and Cuz

While Mr. G was on his walk with his cousin, 
he took the following pictures.

 Guess what they are doing?

 These are the tools.


Follow along on our trip as I will try to post daily.
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