Thursday, September 1, 2016

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #62~ Thinking About Our Bucket List Trip

Mr. G and I have been blessed to have traveled quiet a lot.
In 2013, we traveled Route 66 from South of Chicago to north of Las Angeles.
On that trip, we were able to see The Painted Desert.
We took a detoured side trip to see the Petrified Forrest.
After we got to California, we visited some of Mr. G's family.
As we left their family, we decided to drive up the coast along Highway 1,
because we love driving roads that run beside a river or ocean.

We had no idea it would be the most beautiful drive we had ever taken!
The day came to an end quicker than we wanted.
On our way back home, we decided to check out Las Vegas, the Hoover Dam and of course
The GREAT, awesome, Grand Canyon!

We were way after dark, getting to our hotel room that day,
 but one thing we learned is at the end of the day and especially close to sunset
is when you can get the most awesome pictures. 

Now 3 years later, Mr. G and I are getting ready for what I hope to be an awesome
Bucket List trip and we certainly will be thinking about those end of the day shots.
It is my intent like I did with our Route 66 trip
to once again
take YOU along 
via this blog.
This means that Lord willing
when we start our trip next week
I want be following my using shots & whatnot schedule , but
will be providing a daily journal of our travels.

Think about it.
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  1. I enjoy seeing your photos, Joy, especially knowing that this fall, we are going to travel Route 66 ourselves! We'll be heading to Sante Fe, New Mexico as a retirement trip for my husband. He's planning the whole thing and checking into pet-friendly hotels so we can take our sweet pooch with us. Safe travels to you!

  2. Stunning landscape! That would be a fun trip!


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