Sunday, September 18, 2016

Bucket List Trip 2016~Day 13~ Billings, MT, Park City, MT to Cody, WY

After a somewhat tasteless breakfast, we loaded up.
I had searched online briefly yesterday and couldn't find a Church of Christ.
One more last effort look this morning
and we found one!
First church we went to was 15 minutes into Sunday school, so we decided to drive around for half hour
and see more of Billings.
Then I noticed this church just west of town on the GPS.

 After worship, our trail led us on out to the country side.
Park City, KY is special to me.
I graduated there & eventually taught there for 10 years
while living on a rural route of Park City.
I thought this place was just a mile detour.
Turned out to be 10 miles on west I90.
Mr. G is always up for us checking out all the towns of familiar names to us.
Those of you that know Park City, KY, 
see if you can find similarities.

Park City, KY school colors are black and red.
I think the last time I went through Park City, KY
their fire department building was white & trimmed in red.
 Public Library

 Across the street from the school was the School District Office.
I had to giggle when I thought about this being a district office for our school districts back home.
  When I went to high school at Park City, KY, we had a very active FFA.

The 2 towns have about the same amount of restaurants.
Then we tracked back 6 miles on 90 and headed south to Cody, Wyoming.
Another beautiful ride.

 Another watcher?

 Tickets for the museum $18/senior.
We didn't.

Home for the night.

Watching Cobb and Green Bay!
Hope to get an early start to Yellowstone in the morning.
I understand you see more critters early in the morning.
I've been averaging taking about 500 pictures a day.
I'm expecting spectacular views tomorrow.
Today's map trail

Follow along on our trip as I will try to post daily.
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