Thursday, August 27, 2015

HWY 127 Yd Sale in Ohio: Bag 2

    On a recent post entitled:
I started showing you what came in a 2$ bag.

The ziplock bag had some jewels. 

Take a look.



Crochet pot holders.
Not something that was made overnight.
Double ply.
Small stitches using cotton yarn.
Whipped stitched around the edge AND top stitched by machine.

The blue potholder had a scalloped blanket stitch around the edge.
Notice the double yarn used in the tiny stitches which made for a thick, sturdy potholder.
These potholders had been used, but had no stains.
Lines were perfectly matched.
Notice the color change.

I am using these in my kitchen.
I need to find a use for old aprons. Love the attention to detail in lace and hand embroidery.
I first thought this lace might have been crochet, but I don't think so.
From the machine stitching, I believe it was homemade.

Even though the apron seemed to be well worn & laundered many times, the blue stamping is still there.
I first thought I had a couple of pieces of feed sack cloth, but instead there was roughly 7 yards of vintage fabric.  What should I make from it?
Did I get my money's worth?

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  1. I want to go to this long yard sale one day. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  2. All that for $2.00 - yes you got a lot for your money. The potholders look very nice - especially like how they are doubled and stitched together.

  3. I love your road trip finds! The embroidery is lovely...someone put a lot of time into that one. It's so interesting to imagine the history behind the pieces you found.

  4. How fun to find such nice potholders and great fabric! I am thinking pillows!


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