Saturday, August 15, 2015

Quilt Shot Block #39~ Paradox

Actually this is not a quilt pattern, but a quilting design.
As mentioned in the previous post about Doodling, I was researching for a quilting design when I discovered that lots of free motion quilters doodle or practice Zentangles.

You will find a couple of You-Tube videos on how to make this Paradox. 
The Zentangle folks call it "Rick's Paradox."

For this 12½ inch block, a water soluble pen was used to mark off  3 inch squares.
Since this was a quilting stitch, a quilting sandwich of batting and backing was made & pinned.
(More about the red things later.)
Used a walking foot.
Squares stitched.

  To make this design, you must go clockwise in each square.
In my mind, I made sure the outside of the box was always to my right.
If you go counter clockwise, another pattern will be formed.

When you need to take a break or have to rethread,
 leave a pin to remind you the direction in which the line is going.

Find out how to turn this block into
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  1. Wow that is truly amazing, never thought a zentangle could actually be quilted! Thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday!

  2. I started to Zentangle because another quilter recommended it to help with free motion quilting - I have drawn lots of Zentangle patterns, including Rick's Paradox, but not translated it into quilting. This is the kick I need to get started - it's great!

  3. That is gorgeous. I really enjoyed you showing the process.

  4. That is fantastic. I've bookmarked it - I will need to try this some time!

  5. This is wonderful, I am not an experienced quilter but your instructions are so clear
    I am going to have a go. Thank you

  6. how cool is that! thanks for all the info and tips

  7. oh my gosh, i don't think I could EVER do this and it is so awesome! you explain the paradox stitch so well and it is so lovely!

  8. That is amazing! Thank you for the tutorial.... I can't wait to try it!

  9. I just gave this design a try for the first time a few weeks ago, and I am absolutely in love! Your tutorial looks great, and I hope that a lot more people are going to try it out. This style of stitching creates such a dynamic finished product.

  10. I've been zengtangling for a year and hoped it would have positive affects on my quilting. This is just the inspiration I need! I love drawing Paradox.

  11. It is wonderful!!! Yes, and it is looking like zentangling patterns - or as a quilt block!

  12. A most interesting design! I would never have guessed how it was constructed.Visiting from Needle and Thread Thursday.

  13. So beautiful and unique!! Thanks so much for linking up at the Submarine Sunday Link Party!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ The Submarine Sunday Link Party

  14. That's amazing, Joy!!! Thanks for the clear instructions.


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