Thursday, August 20, 2015

HWY 127 Yd Sale in Ohio: Bag 1

Famous last words: "I don't need anything, so
I'm not buying anything on this trip."
 BUT, when a guy is loading up his stuff 
          He says, "Pick out anything you want and I'll make you a good deal."
          "Yeah, right," I'm thinking.  So I sift through the box of crafty & sewing stuff and find a few things I don't have.  He has bags priced & a quick round off tells me its about 35$.
           So, I asked, "How much for this [armload]?"
           He says, "Wait, let me get you a bag."
           I say, "How do you know I'll buy it?"
           "You will. Would $2.00 be ok?"!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Destroyed my famous last words, again.
Here's what was in the bag.

 The only embosser in the whole box was the letter "J".
Meant to be?
 Something I would have never said,
"I gotta go to JoAnn's and get me a Quilter's Flex curve and pressing bars."  But hey, I'll take them and use them.
I just used a pressing bar yesterday while working on a wedding dress hem. Who knew?
           (above) I would have lived on through life without one of these, whatever it is.  A quick read of instructions tells me the tips absorb water.  I'm thinking something for watercolor, but I'm using it to get rid of marks left by the water soluble pen. It will be stored in my handy dandy MUG ORGANIZER.
 Not actual quilting rulers, but I know they will come in handy.
          I always wanted these snaps when I was making my babies and grand babies clothes.  I just couldn't afford them or the pliers needed to snap them together.  I plowed through that box 4 times to make sure the pliers weren't in there too. I have seen them at other yard sales. Each of these containers were marked $5 which was an under price in itself.
Unless there is someway to use this thing to attach them.  
If I'm in a bind, I will try the hammer/wood spool technique? 

So that this post doesn't turn into a book,
I'll have to show you what was in the zip lock bag later.
Yep, I ate my words several times in 3 days.
Why do you think I put "Bag 1" in the title?
To make you think on Thoughtful Thursday. 

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  1. Great find for $2! Wish I could have made the yard sale this year!


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