Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Polly Flinders on the World's Longest Yard Sale

 Found a box of scraps north of Hamilton, OH on Hwy 127.  Again, I was surprised at the price.  After, I bought it and closed up the box, she pointed out it came from Polly Flinders in Cincinnati. My first thought was, "Who is Polly Flinders?" Sounds like a movie akin to "Mary Poppins" or "Molly McPhee."

               At a glance at the yard sale, fabrics seemed to be scraps from a factory with a couple of good size pieces.

 One of the things I really enJOY doing is to sort a collection of  fabrics at my work space. It's a calming activity for me as I admire the colors and textures of the fabrics and dream of how I can use them.
The white pieces turned out to be in 2 shapes.  It was a heavy textured cotton like one might use for a spring coat or jacket.
               There were actually several pieces more than a yard long (stack on left), and several pieces of 1/4 yd or fat quarters (middle stack). The stack on the right were smaller scrap pieces that up to 5 inch squares can be cut.

Cost?  $3

Soap Box
           I know nothing about brand name clothing.  It never made any difference to me what brand name was on a piece of clothing and never will. I especially never wanted me nor my children to wear an emblem of a brand name to do free advertising for them.  My problem is I look too closely at the construction, and most of the time am let down and wonder why the high price. Then it must be the name that is valuable, but why?  
               A quick research tells me that Polly Flinders was a brand name for dresses, famous for their smocking during the 60's & 70's and sold mostly at Sears.  I see lots of these garments are now sold second hand online and have retained their value or possibly cost more than original price. 
               The 60's & 70's would have been the time I would have been buying my children clothing, however I made all their clothes except for jeans.  We saved aluminum cans, and when I knew we had about $5 worth of cans, I would cash them in and go to Dollar store and buy a $5 pr of jeans. The kids despised the fact they weren't brand name jeans.  Goodwill would have been nice back then.

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  PhotoScape used to resize & watermark shots
I've been using this software in place of Photoshop for several years.

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  1. What a great buy, my goodness only $3.00 wow you got a good one.
    Thanks for sharing on the Oh My Heartsie Girls WW this week!!
    Hope you have a great weekend!


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