Saturday, August 22, 2015

Quilt Shot Block #40~ Flying Geese for Midnight Mystery Quilt

Flying Geese

            Decided to start another quilt with Dad's shirts by doing the Midnight Mystery Quilt. 
Meadow Mist Designs Mystery Quilt
The directions say the fabrics can be scraps, so I thought I'd go for it. The fabric selection for set C was purple so I went for a dark colored shirt. Fabric D was white so I used one of the white shirts.
        We were supposed to cut the fabrics in July, but I've decided to cut as I go. 

            For August, the directions were to make 36 Flying Geese the No Waste method. 
                Instead of drawing the lines in the small squares, I found that I could iron a crease in 4 of the squares at a time.  That saved some time.  
This method worked well, but 4 layers of cloth at a time was the limit.

Longest part of the process was trimming the flying geese.
36 of them.
Very little of the 2 shirts was used to make the Flying Geese.

 Both shirts were short sleeve. 
 For the white, I used the back of the shirt and one sleeve.
For the stripped shirt I only used the back.
               Anxious to see the directions for September for the Midnight Mystery Quilt.  It may not be too late for you to join. It's free!  The quilt will be finished in March, 2016.
You MUST check them out for great ideas!
  PhotoScape used to resize & watermark shots
I've been using this software in place of Photoshop for several years.


  1. What a great use of stripes! It looks like this shirt may turn into a very dynamic quilt.

  2. Great use of stripes! It looks like this shirt is going to make a very dynamic quilt design

  3. great use of a shirt. I don't have good used shops around here to find good quality cotton shirts, I wish I did and hubby doesn't use them

  4. It is amazing how much fabric we can get out of a shirt! I love the plaids and stripes in quilts too!

  5. This is awesome. I'll be watching out for your finished quilt in March.

  6. I love seeing such a use of old clothes as I do it myself. ;-) Your flying geese are beautiful with your dad shirts and I like the fact that for some the lines are horizontal and other are verticals. This will add interest to the quilt. :-) Thank you for the tip about ironing a crease, I will keep it in mind!

  7. Hi there
    Just stopped by to let you know that I featured this on my Saturday Spotlight post this week!
    Saturday Spotlight
    Thanks again for linking up! Hope you have a great weekend!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  8. What a cute pattern. I love the use of old shirts as material - this might be a nice way to remember a loved one who's passed on.

  9. Pinned!!! This is my favorite link up in SHARE IT at Hope you'll come again this Saturday! ~ Rose

    1. Thank-you Rose, so glad you liked the flying geese from Dad's shirts. I'll be there on Sat.


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