Wednesday, August 12, 2015


      I haven't been in My Lady's Nest, aka sewing room for about a month!  I did take a week long trip, but the fact is I got side tracked.  While looking for quilting designs for my next "memory quilt," I came across someone using what they called a Zentangle for a quilt pattern.  I thought I'd found something new, when in fact it's been going on for about 10 years.  In the back of my mind while watching free motion quilting videos like Leah Day's, I was thinking free motion quilting is doodling with thread. I've also found through blogs & videos that other Free Motion Quilters are doodling as well.  So apparently Doodling and FMQ go hand in hand.
      While at IKEA last week, I found a little square note pad similar to the "tiles" the Zentangle folks use and a package of pens.  These were nowhere near as expensive as the paper and pens that are recommended for this art. This pad & gel pen worked for me just fine.  I'm also drawing them in my Idea Journal as well with pencil.

My first try was a  square paradox. 
I drew the lines free handed and did not use a ruler.
It's supposed to be a relaxing activity,
 but that depended on how well my hand felt.
This square was divided into 4 squares.  All paradoxes were worked clockwise.
This square was also divided into 4 squares, but the paradox design was alternated clockwise in one block and counterclockwise in another.
Here is how to draw a Paradox Square

  PhotoScape used to resize & watermark shots
I've been using this software in place of Photoshop for several years.

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  1. These adult coloring pages are all the rage! I really like them! Your design is great!


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