Monday, August 1, 2016

Memory Monday 19 ~ Matching Pillowcase

You probably have a memory of the BQ or Big Block Quilt
I made for a little boy of special friends?
And then the 
Well, I had enough fabric left over
to make a pillow case to present & carry the quilt.
Since purchased pillows in sheet sets are made from the "sheeting" fabric,
then why not make a pillowcase from the fabric leftover after
backing the quilt?
This was a high thread count fabric
making it very soft.
I used one of the many tutorials out there for making a "Burrito Style" pillow case.
The French Seam technique was used to enclose all remaining seams 
to withstand all the future laundering.

This little boy is well loved by his loving family.
However, while making this pillowcase 
I'm remembered
 I've been told by those that work with social services,
that pillow cases are a highly prized possession
for kids that have to travel to foster care in a hurry. 
So adding a drawstring or tie to the pillowcase is very useful
to help a child carry their 
limited possessions.

So my memory today is of 
which I haven't participated and should.
Do you know about it?


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