Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #60~ Needs of Bees

Have you ever thought about how important bees and butterflies are to our lives?
I certainly have and especially recently when I picked my second tomato.

Yes, my second tomato! 
 This time of year, some folks have more tomatoes than they can put away.
Not me!

     As I stated back at the end of July,
 I set 6 tomato plants, given to me, in containers on my patio.
 Only one plant immediately started growing with blooms and
 quickly developed 2 tomatoes. 
 All the rest of the blooms died. 
None of the other plants grew even one bloom?
     Considering the blooms that did develop, did the blooms die away because earlier I had tried to drive away some wood bees with chemicals?  Only too late did I talk to an Exterminator who said he never used chemicals to get rid of bees of any kind.  "We need them," he said.
      Duh, I knew that.  So by the time I set out the tomato plants, I'm thinking all the bees and butterflies kept their distance from my patio and didn't come by to visit my tomato blooms.
        So, lately my thought has been with all the spraying to prevent the Zika virus, 
are we harming the bee and butterfly population?  
How will this effect our food harvest? 
 What if we have a 5% tomato harvest to feed the nation?
Think about it.
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