Monday, August 22, 2016

Memory Monday 21 ~ California's Chimney Fire

Having memories of Mr. G's family in 
San Luis Obispo.
 One of the California fires, The Chimney Fire,
is close enough that folks are getting help 
and a place to stay from San Luis Obispo.
 As of yesterday, the fire had travel to within a couple of miles from
The Hearst Mansion.
I thought I got a picture from the road of the mansion, but apparently not.
 We so enjoyed the Highway 1 drive.
By looking at pictures today,
it appears they are still as dry as shown in these shots.
 I hope Cambria stays safe.
 We so enjoyed the Scarecrow Festival of this town and area.
 A very unique town.
 everywhere you looked....
 Every business
 every public place
had some kind of scarecrow.
A time to remember those suffering from the fires & drought of California
& those that suffered the Louisiana floods & other places.
Note: I think this Chimney fire was named after a road that runs through the area of the fire.


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