Monday, August 29, 2016

Memory Monday 22 ~ Mrs. Carter's Scrap Box

I was presented with a LARGE plastic bin and given the challenge
to make quilts for a cousin.
These pieces belonged to her Grandmother.
As a child and young adult, I had met this Grandmother on the other side of the family multiple times.
In fact, I knew her well before my cousin was born.
These types of boxes of fabric and notions always stir a lot of memories.
I start remembering the stores where she could have bought these.
ALL of them are now long gone.
I'm always eager to go through boxes of scraps when I get them.  
It gets me acquainted with the beautiful fabrics and their colors.
I had to wonder what Mrs. Carter was planning to do with these fabrics.
At the rate I'm going with loving requests, 
these baby themed fabrics may work out for a grand baby, 
and I'm talking a while down the road.
I'm sure that Mrs. Carter would be thrilled to know these fabrics
will possibly be used in a quilt for a great, great grand baby.
        Since I have become acquainted with these fabrics which include a ton of Sunbonnet Sue & Overall Sams already cut out, this challenge is on my to-do list in my head which has me on the lookout for some ideas on a quilt pattern & ideas.
         I'm glad my family and friends understand that my mind and it's motivation works on it's own schedule.  I never know when that light bulb will flip on.

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  1. I love that comment, my mind works on it's own schedule. I worked as an artist for years...and sometimes, the faucet just doesn't work on creativity. Grins, I totally understand, and you will need some inspiration to work with some of those fabrics. Grins, Sandi


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