Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Initial Christmas Bag

       Initial- not the first Christmas bag I've made this summer.  It's a bag with the receiver's initial.  
     While we don't like seeing stores dressed up in Christmas isles during the summer, us DIYers have to start early.  It is hard to get in the mood.
      This summer, Mr. G and I have been buying gifts as we see something.  So that I don't misplace the gifts, I make a bag to put them in asap.  This also means we can add to the bag the rest of the year.  I have the bags hung on door knobs and sitting on shelves upstairs to make them available to add to easily.


*A Tutorial Tuesday*

        Used scraps from a soft red blanket.
          Back to my free hand cutting letters, because I'm a former teacher of the pre 2000 years before the Ellison cutters were introduced.
Even after the Ellison cutters arrived at our school,
I felt I could get them cut faster than going down to the work room
and pulling out the individual letters.
I could also make them the size I needed.
I always started by roughly cutting rectangles of the same size
so the letters could be somewhat consistent.
 As I've noted before I don't use something like an iron on bonding material,
 because I have a monster size roll of light weight iron on interfacing.
 The interfacing does the job because it stiffens the letter a bit,
and doesn't allow it to slip around while
I'm appliquing.

 I do have 2 Edge/Joining feet in my collection.
One has a bar in the center,
and one does not.
I prefer the one without the bar,
because I'm afraid of not setting my machine needle offside
and breaking a needle.
There is a need for the bar to make the stitch looser.
I do iron creases in these bags.

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 Photoscape for downsizing & watermarking photo
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  1. I like your letters--I would use that old technique too. ;-) They look fantastic on the bags.
    I wish to let you know that I nominated you for One Lovely Blog Award. You can accept or refuse. The choice is yours. The details are in today's post. Have a good day!


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