Friday, August 19, 2016

Fun or Funny Fri Foto ~ Spindletop Hall

About once every 2 years I get the opportunity to visit Spindletop Hall.
Most of the time I have visited for a group dinner and once for a dance.
You have to have a membership or be invited by a member to be able to enjoy the wonderful food served.
This past week, I enjoyed lunch on the veranda at Spindletop Hall
with a group of ladies
 that meet weekly during the summer
and once a month the rest of the year for a meal.
We had a beautiful view of the backyard, 
and the pool.
We enjoyed an occasional breeze 
and the upper 70s temp made available by the heavy cloud cover.
The food was delicious.
I was once told they try to use locally grown foods.
We were driven away from our tables
at the end of the meal
by a short lived sprinkle.
This precious group of former Technology Teachers & Librarians
started as a Bridge group
that ended up eating and chatting more 
than playing bridge.
So, we started meeting just to enjoy
the many wonderful restaurants of Lexington
and surrounding counties.
After we departed,
I hung around and took some more shots:

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