Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #59~ 2 Machines Work in Tandem

Recently I was adding the binding to a quilt.
The last step where you see the finish line--yea  !
I get excited and in a hurry when I'm at this step in quiltmaking.
This was a memory quilt where I usually combine strips of fabric
that ultimately are different thicknesses.

I started sewing on the binding with my Big Ellisimo machine.
No matter how I tweaked the tension
or tried different needles,
The BE would skip stitches in the thicker fabrics.
Thinking Little Brother had proven before that
he can pound through big heavy fabrics......

I shoved The BE to the back and set up Little Brother.
The problem is, I was using a large spool of thread
and Little Brother had no way to hold a large spool.
While I do have a thread stand, it was being occupied in the Quilting Room.
A coffee cup wasn't big enough.
My thought: I wished there was someway I could use the thread stand on The BE.

and I did.
From The BE's thread stand, I jumped the thread over to Little Brother's top thread guide.

Thought for the day:
Sometimes 2 machines work better than 1.

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