Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Christmas Gift Bags

        It's almost Christmas in July time!  I'm am the last person that likes to see Christmas stuff in the stores before Halloween is over.  However, since I have big plans coming up this fall and winter, I need to get a jump start on Christmas this year.  I was asked to test some Christmas appliques back in May, and that gave me just the right push to get some Christmas projects finished.  I have NEVER worked on Christmas this early before.  Also turns out, my quilt guild is asking for Christmas ideas during our June meeting. So "high five" on that one.
        As you've probably noticed from previous posts, I make gift bags when possible and especially when something won't fit in a box.
        Here's how I made this little quick gift bag.


*A Tutorial Tuesday*

 Determine center of whatever measurement for bag you desire.
Fold sides to meet on center line and crease (This reference will help later.)
Measure from the top on the center line where you would like to put your applique.
Don't measure from the bottom, as some of that will be folder under for the bottom of the bag.
This applique was one I tested for  Jen's Faith & Fabric..
You can get the applique HERE.

Sometimes my scraps help me determine size of handles.
These are 2 inches by 14 inches each.
 Ironing helps keep me accurate without pins getting in the way.
      According to my chart (see #14 on chart),  I used the Overcast foot from my set of machine feet.  I call it an edge foot or tacking foot. It has a center blade so you HAVE to move your needle left or right.  In this case I moved to the left.  I like the center blade because it helps me keep the needle close to the edge of the fold and keeps it straight.

 Double fold the top edge and top stitch.
On one bag I top stitch along the bottom fold.
Notice I also use the edge foot here.
On the other bag, I top stitched top and bottom edges.
As you can see, I follow no set rules in making these quick bags.
Sometimes it depends on how quick I need to make them.

        No matter the size of the bag, I usually measure 2 inches from the center front and center back to mark where to stitch the handles. 
       Sometimes I add the handles before I stitched the center back seam, and sometimes I add afterwards.  If it's a smaller bag, I usually turn under the top edge and add handles while flat.

Stitch the center back seam.
 Make the boxed corners for the bottom of the bag.
For this size bag, 2 inch corners worked well.
Check some of your bought paper bags for measurement ideas.
Iron some creases to give your bag some definition.
Use the lines of the bottom of the bag as a guide for folding.

This is only 1 applique pattern out of 15 that Jen is now offering!
All are sized to fit charm squares. 
Use all of them on gift bags, or
use one of the many other idea suggestions in her packet.
You can find them over at Jen's Faith & Fabric.
Please go check out the rest.
Thanks to the FREE programs:
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 Photoscape for downsizing & watermarking photo
PicMonkey creating the icon used on this page



  1. Those are so beautiful! I love them...

  2. Joy these are really cute. And you are such a great sewer. You'll be done with your Christmas gifts in no time. I also belong to a group of blog hoppers that have been doing Christmas gifts since the beginning of the year, so in theory by the time December rolls around we should have 12 gifts all ready. The only problem is they come out so nice I want to keep them all for myself...lol.

  3. Lovely bags, Joy. Well done on starting Christmas sewing so early.

  4. What a great idea, Joy! You're so creative :)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  5. I like that you said the size of your scraps determine the size of the handles. That's the spirit! Thank you for showing how you make your bags.


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