Sunday, June 21, 2015

Scavenger Hunt 6-21-15

Seeing the west coast for the very first time was a very special moment.
We arrived at the end of the day and got some great sunset shots.
This was taken with my Galaxy 2 phone.

It was my habit on our Route 66 Trip to use to find a room each night. I was so surprised to see a $499 room, but the room for $10,000 just blew me away. Would a person that could pay $10,000 really be using the Internet to find a room? Also, I note the $499 room was rated higher than the more expensive room?
     Mr. G & I had an awesome time exploring our nation on Route 66.  We loved reminiscing as much as the travel & site seeing. I blogged each day of the trip.  All 20 days. Start HERE!

          On Route 66 we stopped where this camp used to stand.  Since it had my name, I would loved to have visited this place in its heyday.


        I love to sprinkle black pepper on certain foods: white gravy, pinto & white beans, eggs, & potato soup.  This was Cauliflower soup I created without a recipe.  Find my recipe HERE.


  1. Great shots! In Finland we don't use but It's also very handy. Thanks for visiting my blog =)

  2. Lovely water shot. I am glad you had a fun trip.

  3. Hi!
    Looks like an awesome trip. Have a great day!


  4. what a great trip!! You must have seen some wonderful things.

  5. Route 66 is that legendary road ! Ou lucky you, you have been and seen it !!! Ville Haapasalo made a tv-serie about it . And that 1. photo is so beautiful , magical !!! Have a nice week !!!


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