Sunday, June 7, 2015

First Day of the Rest of My Life ~ Beginning 5th Year of Retirement

      I'm still keeping an itinerary journal that I started 4 years ago on my first day of retirement.  Starting my 5th journal today. I hope this stack of books becomes very tall. 
      Finally found one that has at least 365 pages, and the same dimensions which is an easy size to travel with me. Can't believe it's been so hard to find journals to be used for a year.
    These journals have come in so handy during tax time, checking warranties, medical notes including new meds and their results. 
     I do also keep an inspiration/spiritual journal which is also a place to vent my feelings which I don't put in the itinerary journals.  It's not an annual book because I don't want to limit my space of writing.  I believe writing is one of THE best therapies to get one through tough & happy times.  I guess that's why I blog?

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