Saturday, June 13, 2015

Quilt Shot Block 29- Inner Star- Not Yet

....and at this rate it won't even be the inner star. When one doesn't follow directions, they just might create a whole new block.  First this this paper pieced block is only a 4 inch square, not an 8 inch. Second I was supposed to have printed out 2 pages to make one block & third, I was to add the quarter inch seam to the pattern.  Oh, and fourth, why didn't I have a picture of the block with me so I could follow it.  I just thought a star would appear in the center?

        So I've made a note to add a quarter inch seam allowance, changed my printer page position to portrait.  Don't know why it printed landscape?
        I also believe it would be easier to put this together if the order is changed.

Please go to Wombat Quilts and do a search for "Inner Star" to see what this block is supposed to look like.  Also there you will find a pdf file to make your own "Inner Star," and be more successful than I have been.  You might end up spending a lot of time checking out the site to download a ton of free paper piecing patterns.  EnJOY!

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