Monday, June 29, 2015

ITH Zipper Pouch Revision

Actually I didn't make this pouch this time in the hoop. I got so frustrated the last time, that I just cut the pieces & sewed them together.

The piece above the zipper is 9 x 4 in. folded in half to make a 9x2 and stitched to the top of the zipper.

The bottom, after embroidery, was cut 9 x 8 inches and folded to a 9 x 4 piece and stitched to the bottom side of the zipper.

Then the front was used as a pattern to cut the back piece.  It was not lined, nor was it quilted.  The seams were finished by serger.

There were 3 things I did to revise this pouch.  

1. The original designer of this ITH Zip Pouch that I found at the Sew Forum (you just need a free membership to download the file for free) instructed to, and I quote, "Use 9” or longer zipper – Nylon – not metal! Do not use a 7” zipper – you’ll be sorry!"  Well, I had probably 30 red 7" zippers and no 9" zippers.  So I decided to be sorry.  Using the 7" zipper did leave a gap at each end. So my solution was to make tabs with 3 x 1½ in. pieces.
Stitch each side.
Turn inside out.
Stitch at each end of zipper.
 Notice, this is stitched on the back side of the zipper.

2.  Use the selvage of the fabric to make a pull for the zipper.

3.  Make a small pleat to add a tiny bit more space inside the pouch.

Another birthday gift finished.
Thanks to the FREE program
 Photoscape for downsizing & watermarking photo & other alterations to pictures.

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