Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Large Purse Skirt- Boxed Corner Tips

     In trying to create this purse cover and avoid the inserted pattern pieces for the side and bottom which can be difficult to sew at the corners, this pattern was created to use darts and then box the corners.  Here are some tips on creating that "look" you want a boxed corner with a side seam to have.
After you have sewn the darts
 stitched side and bottom seam,
press open the side & bottom seams.
Press darts toward side seams.
When you turn it over, the darts go downward (as seen below).
The objective is to lay the seams on top of each other.
As you feel to align the seams, you can fold over to see how well they are matching.
When you think the seams are matched,
insert a pin at the intersection perpendicular to the fabric(straight up & down).
Check on the other side to see if the pin came through the center of the seam.
Adjust if necessary until the pin goes through the middle of the seam on both sides.
With the pin staying in perpendicular position,
place a pin on each side of the seam to stabilize the seams while stitching.
Notice dart seams & opened side seams are pinned in correct position.
Stitch just above the dart stitching line.
If you stitch below, the stitching line will show on outside.
Turn inside out & this (see below) is the result you want to see.  
The side, bottom and corner seams all intersect at the exact same point.
No stitching lines show.
EnJOY your free pattern to cover your new larger skirt purse.
I'm sure you can find a dealer in your home town to purchase one of these purses.

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