Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Wrist Pin Cushion

      There was a day, many days that I had only one pin cushion. Now I have one at the cutting table, both machines and work table. How come the pin cushion I'm using always runs out or has way too many?  How come I'm always looking for a pin cushion?



     Took a break from my project which I'll mention later, and checked out You Tube for some ideas for a wrist pin cushion.  I found an idea that was exactly what I wanted.  Didn't care for the pony tail holder cushions.  Seemed they would be top heavy or too tiny.  I used to have a wrist pin cushion I bought that had plastic band and it was uncomfortable, pinch and would slide around my wrist.  
       The wrist pin cushion I chose to make comes from Easy Sewing for Beginners  where pics and detailed videos are provided.
       I actually found a Quick concise video on You-Tube first.
This one has a nice 2 inch wide band with velcro closure.

Plenty of room for pins but not too big.
I had all the materials on hand.
The directions were perfect & easy to follow. 
I just would add the tip to fold and finger press the center to help layout.
I also gave myself a guide stitch to help place it, instead of pinning.
I used stuffing I had saved when I tore apart an old doll.
Worked out well because the stuffing was still compacted.
You will want to pack the stuffing tightly.
This was a quick project that only took about a half hour. Got right back to work on my project, and loved working with my new pin cushion & moved all the other cushions out of the way.

What have I been working on for a total of about 36 hours so far (not all at one time)?
A skirt pattern for the newest 31 Skirt Purse.
     Have had some requests from my most visited site, 
      Got my hands on the purse temporarily last year & started to work. Then Mother became very ill.  Got my hands on another purse last month and sat down last week to work again.
      I was determine to make it an easy pattern to sew.  So today as I went on head strong determined to reach my goal of  finding an easier way to put this pattern together, I remembered my Dad who told me more than once, "You spend more time finding an easier way to do something than if you had gone ahead and done the job in the first place."  I actually took that as a compliment from my Dad who would have been 91 today on his birthday. Said he celebrated his birthday on 2 days, because he was born at midnight.
     So it's befitting that I found an "easy" solution for this project today.  Now I'm ready to start drafting the pattern to publish here! 
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  1. I love your pin cushion! It worked out fantastically! I love your ideas to finger press the centre seam and add a guide stitch. I'm working on a new wrist gadget so I was revisiting my old project.
    All the best.



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