Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Deboning & Stripping a Shirt- Making Strips for Quilts

        I started a memory quilt from 4 of Dad's shirts last July while I was staying with my Mother when she became very ill. I decided I would make the Wonky Log Cabin for this quilt, because I wouldn't have to carry my rotary cutter and board with me to Mother's since strips do not have to be precisely cut. 
     As when cutting up a chicken, there is no "right" way to cut apart a shirt, it's just your way.  You want to turn out the most usable fabric as possible.  This is how I cut strips out of Dad's shirts.  Squares might be another process.

     First start cutting the tabs off by starting at the bottom. You can rip the tab off, but the shedding threads become annoying to me.
      Next, cut off collar.

Cut shoulder seam.

Cut around arm hole.

Trim hem and seams off sleeve.

Trim seam off top of yoke & cut along INSIDE seam of bottom of yoke.

Leaving the back intact & releasing the yoke facing.

Start cutting the sleeves in strips of desired width.
I wanted my strips to be somewhat consistent, so I used the length of my thumb as a guide as I cut.

Close the shirt, and turn up curved hem to make a straight line to cut off shirt tail.

Keeping the shirt closed, notice I didn't take apart at side seams, continue to cut shirt into strips as shown.

Then to save time when quilting so you don't have to scratch around for long vs. short strips,
fold, or roll strips. I'm not taking time to sew strips together.  I will sew pieces together later if need.

For this block pattern, I sorted into long, medium and short strips. 
Notice my scrap pile.  I'll also salvage & collect the buttons.
Would the tabs sew together to make place mats?

I will keep pockets and labels intact, & they will become a part of the quilt.
I'll even quilt this little fellow back onto the quilt somewhere.

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  1. This is such a Cool ideal to do with the shirts of my daughters I have and special shirts my son has grown out of so thank you for sharing. I hope your mom is doing much better.

  2. Great idea! I am hoping to make a quilt out of my son's high school t-shirts. So nice to do #OMHGWW with you!!



  3. I am just doing a quilt for my sister's baby and never thought of even using a shirt.... great idea, thank you so much for sharing with OMHG Wordless Wednesday Link Party.. Have a great day, co-host Evija @Fromevijawithlove x

  4. This is a fantastic idea! I would love for you to link up to the Stitch It, Blog It, Share It Link Party Sunday nights at 7pm at BehindtheSeamsSewing.com.

  5. Such a great idea! I plan on making a quilt soon... eventually! Haha! Thanks for sharing at Submarine Sunday!!

  6. We really have to start thinking of old clothes as just fabric waiting to be harvested. I am looking forward to seeing the quilt you make from this.

  7. Thanks for sharing, Joy. I'm really going to have to save some shirts I receive to make a quilt. At the moment they become clothes, but I think it's time for a change.


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