Saturday, June 2, 2018

Quilt Shot Block ~ Elkhorn Creek Quilt Post Card Challenge- Part 1

For 2017, the Elkhorn Creek Quilt Guild had 2 challenges.
One was the quilt challenge called "A Star is Born"
and the other was a Fabric Post Card Challenge.
A post card was acquired from anywhere,
then interperted into a fabric card.

This presentation was placed in a glass case,
so it was a challenge to take pictures without glass glare.
In some cases it was just hard to reach far enough to get a good picture.
PhotoScape was a big help in focusing in on details.
After cropping more closeups,
I ended up with over 55 pictures.
So this presentation will also be shown in multiple posts.
Also, I'm not sure all cards had artists notes with them?


 Vicki HOW did you do the brick texture?

More postcards to come

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