Thursday, June 28, 2018

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #143~ What Makes You Proud of Your Daughter?

My grand daughter recently graduated from college.
I was so proud of her, and just as proud of my daughter for encouraging her graduation.
As I walked in the door,
my heart swelled.
 The decorations were beautiful.
 I so enjoyed the beauty of her home.
It could be a magazine layout. 
She, her sister and I share the same decor taste.
LOVED this pillow that represents her love for her dogs.
Outside, you see her love for nature.
Her garden is behind the picket fence, that is supposed to keep beloved dogs out.
 Lots of evidence of her hubby's woodworking skills.

So when I see the home my daughter has created,
I feel VERY proud.
What makes you proud?
"THINK about it."

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