Saturday, June 16, 2018

Quilt Shot Block #105~ Stacked Squares

Just a sample from Stacked Squares
Design is by Erica from Kitchen Table Quilting
You can find her tutorial at
Simply Style Stacked Squares Quilt
@ Moda Bake Shop 
Last week, I made what I called the "Square in Squares" block to 
start this "Stacked Squares" quilt.
As you can see, I didn't use a Jelly Roll, but my stash collection of black and whites.

 Each square was pressed in fourths.
 And cut.
I do not like to measure.

 Squares were reorganized.
The phone camera is a great tool to get a better view of the quilt.
Even seeing on the computer screen isn't as good as the phone, for some reason.
I also used the visual on the phone to make sure I stitched the correct squares.

2½ inch strips were cut to make a border.
I decided to put a 1 inch white strip between the quilt and the border.
So 1½ inch strips of white were cut and sewn together.
Again, I do not like to measure.
My backing had to be pieced from stash pieces.
The pieces were laid on top of the quilt top,
until the top was covered.
Then the pieces were sewn together.

I pinned the leader onto the batting and backing.
The quilt top is held with some safety pins on the first 2 rows.
Vanna, I mean Mr. G displays the quilt.
It will be given in his honor to his step Grand son and new bride.
Additional Quilt Blocks & Tips can be found on my 
Quilt Page


  1. What a great quilt design for your black and white fabrics. It's a fun finish for sure! Congrats!

  2. The black and white fabrics look wonderful in this pattern. I hate to measure too, but I would never have thought of folding the block in quarters. Thanks for the great idea. I'm sure the bride and groom will love this quilt.


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