Monday, June 11, 2018

Memory Mon 91~ Wash Day Memory

Went out for a while on the "400 Mile Yard Sale" HWY 68 in Kentucky
last Saturday.
While sitting in the car waiting for Mr. G,
I caught this shot with my phone.
It reminded me of the first time Mother "let" me help with the wash
by putting clothes through the ringer.
I was doing great
until the gripping rubber rolls
grabbed my fingers,
then my hand!
No amount of pulling back worked.
Then my ARM.  
I finally yelled for helped,
and Mother arrived just as my upper arm was being pulled in.
I always wondered if it would have started pulling skin?
Sure felt like it could.
Mother NEVER encouraged me to help again.
Wasn't long after that, she bought what folks called an 
"automatic" washer.

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