Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Junk Journaling ~ The Innards~ A Flip Through Signature 1

  In making a junk journal for my grand daughter, I took about 2 months to research, save junk, create and put together.  I still felt rushed and didn't take a lot of shots of how I made each and every piece for the book.  
  A section made for a junk journal is called a "signature."  It took 3 signatures to include everything I wanted in this journal.  Here is a flip through of the first signature.  Perhaps you can figure out how I made some of the pockets and envelopes.  Perhaps later, there will be a Tuesday Tutorial for more specific instructions? enJOY!


Tuesday Tutorial Teaser
Above is the title page of the book. TMI?
 Research of her sorority told me the symbol of her sorority was a skeleton key?
On the left is a stamp I own.
The right page was printed by the printer.
Most all of the pages were compiled on the computer in the free Open Office Word Processor
using free clip art and other free sheet design downloads.
 Since it's a journal, there must be pages for journaling.
 This year's calendar was printed, along with some doodles that might be used throughout the book.
I would want a doodle reference.
 One reason I wanted to do this project was to use some of the ribbons
I've had since Morgan was a baby.
Lot's of memories went into this book.
The tissue type paper pocket on the left came from Taco Bell. (Yes, it's clean.)
It was the perfect size to hold some of the cards from my Mother's collection,
so yes they are vintage.
notice the bag is sewn onto the page.
 The bag can be turned over so writing can be done on the page behind it.
Perhaps a place for addresses.

 These are more cards from my Mother's collection.
I regret I didn't take them out so you could see the pocket made from a book page.
It was trimmed with scrap fabric sewn on the edge,
which contained another bookmark to match.

This is a flip up that came from a page in a home tips book.
 There is room to write under the flip up and on back of the flip up.
 "Pressing Events" came from that book also.
It unfolds to present directions on how to press flowers.

 On the right is a flip up made with a card from Mother's collection.
Underneath is an envelope that is stitched to the page for storing more items.

 On the left is a card set that was made for me by a co-worker when I first started working with FCPS.
On the right are some vintage fabrics stitched to make a pocket to hold some blank markers.
In the background is a picture of my Mother who was crowned Queen for a high school event.

Another pocket I wished I'd highlighted more.
It's made from a book page. 
It is edged with fabric.
The bottom pocket is edged with masking tape
 that I drew a design on with a marker.
The right envelope was attached with masking tape.
Above you can see how the top of the page was folded to a point 
and zig zagged.
The bottom section of this envelope on each side was sewn
when the pocket on the other side of the page was sewn.
One stitching did the work for both pages.
I had found these sheets on the 400 mile yard sale back in 2012.
 I added this little booklet to give Morgan an idea for her writing classes.
This booklet was made from a single sheet of paper.
These were used a lot when I taught writing class as a place for publishing.

As a former teacher, I really enjoyed putting this journal together for a grand daughter following footsteps.
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  1. Very creative. I write a journal about my life living in a floating cabin on a lake in Coastal BC. Lately I've started sketching memorable events as I write about them. I'm on book number 13 now. Some day they will be a great way to remember this exciting part of my life. - Margy

  2. This is utterly beautiful. What a beautiful gift.


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