Thursday, June 7, 2018

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #140~ Ark Animals

Last week Mr. G & I finally visited the Ark Encounter 
that is only half hour from us in Williamstown, KY.

  As we approached the ark, 
there were animals 2 by two.
 They were the animals I had seen in books about Noah and the Ark.
Basically, I think of farm and zoo animals.
The Bible doesn't tell us the exact species of animals that boarded the Ark.
Have you ever thought about it?
 What about these?
 I hadn't thought about it.
 Have you ever thought
 of the timeline of the Ark and how it corresponds with the dinosaur age?
I've never been able to deny the dinosaur age because of found fossils.
 There was a note that mentioned we have no idea how many animals
are extinct from that era that we may never know about.
Also, it mentioned that some animals have changed overtime (evolved?)
When I left the Ark, 
I sure had more questions in my mind
than when I arrived.
I'm not questioning what I already know,
but rather realizing there are some unwritten things I hadn't thought about.
What animals did you think were on the Ark?

"THINK about it."
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  1. How fun to have the animals 'greeting' you as you drive in! Thanks for the photos and the questions :)
    I heard a long time ago that only one pair of each species were on the ark and that they did, indeed, 'evolve' after the flood to give us all the different kinds. Personally, I have no idea but I trust that God made it all happen like the Bible says!


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