Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Junk Journaling ~ The Innards~ A Flip Through Signature 2, Part 2

   Continuing with the Junk Journal I made for my Grand daughter.   This is Signature number 2, part 2.
    If you haven't seen the earlier posts about this journal, please check out the links below for more information. 


Tuesday Tutorial Teaser
 More trimming with those scissors shown in the last post about Signature 2.
The reverse side of a large window of an envelope was used as a place to store a picture.
More planner pages stored here.

 A page from Real Simple magazine that just simply reminded me of my beautiful grand daughter.
The U.S. flag in honor of her Daddy who served in Desert Storm while she was little.

 This rustic looking page from Real Simple fit this junk journal perfectly.
It offers their recipe site.
She can record recipes here or 
record recipe websites.
Yes, that info can be kept on a phone,
but it sure is nice to have a hard copy if something happens to that phone.

This pocket was made from about 3 book pages.
Little notepads were stitched together from scrap paper.

 A place to document travels in her own state, or
possibly a place to keep track of places she might teach?
 Over the years, Morgan has used my camera to take some amazing pictures.
This camera was a cardboard insert in an advertisement in Real Simple.
The blue border was cut & pasted from the magazine as well.
 I could not resist adding the picture that came from the advertisement.
I worry tremendously about her retirement not being as good when she is ready,
since our state has changed our retirement system this year.
 Using a rubber stamp, I think I overdid the ink.

 Just had to include one of the good ole songs from the song book.
Another clipart on the left was expanded to cover the page.
The second signature ends with a blank page on the back for writing.
The flip through will continue with signature 3 next Tuesday.
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