Saturday, August 27, 2016

Quilt Shot Block #80 ~ Overall Sam & Free Pattern

Shared from Mrs. Carter's Fabric Scrap Box
12½ inch block
      In Mrs. Carter's Scrap Box of fabrics there were several Dutch Girl/Sunbonnet Sues and Overall Sams already cut. I know she most likely hand appliqued these pieces, turning under the edge as she went.  Me on the other hand, I used my monster roll of iron on interfacing and trimmed away.  This small rotary cutter sure helps make those tiny turns.

  I used the blanket stitch on my machine.

Whenever I needed to pivot (make a turn)
I make sure the needle was in down position on the 
outside of the cut edge.

I used black in the bobbin.
This is what gave me the idea for 
Do I put Sue and Sam in the same quilt,
or do I make a quilt for my cousin's daughter of Sues
and one for her son of Sams?
I'm inclined to think the latter.
What are your thoughts?
 Each set of cutouts are kept together with a straight pin.
Due to the pins rusting a bit,
I've had to use pliers to pull out the pin.
One set of cutouts
fit easily on a sheet of paper,
which made it super simple to pass on the pattern to you.
This is another pattern passed through the generations. 

Thanks to the FREE program
 Photoscape for downsizing & watermarking photo & other alterations to pictures.
and making the quilt sample pictures with the COMBINE tool.
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  1. So sweet!! I wish I could do this! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam were quite popular when I started quilting 30 years ago. Fun to see them make a resurgence. Love that you provided pivot instructions to outline them in button stitch.


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