Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Santa's Elf is BUSY

For the past week I've been in the sewing room making gifts.  I can't post them because I don't want folks to see what they are getting.  One project I've worked on is to finish a birthday gift that is way to late.  The little girl said her doll needed PJs.  So, got those done today.
.... and I did find a beautiful 18" doll to be my model.  She's been a big help in telling me measurements I need to know.  Her tag says she is a Journey Girl.  Guess I should name her?
These are PJs that came from PJs.  Remember all used items go through the sanitize cycle of my washer. 

Cut apart at seams so fabric could lay flat.

Laying right sides together saves time in having to reverse some pieces later.

Bottom is pinned to match seams of ruffle which will be used.  Saves me the time of ruffling.

It's like working a puzzle to fit pieces in different places to get the most out of the fabric.

Still have the other leg left to cut facings (just duplicating top pieces) and the sleeve.

Leftovers so far.  Will use elastic.  

Lucky Girl!  She's a perfect 10.  Chest is 10" also. Hmm.

Serger didn't want to cooperate today.  Broke 2 needles.

Serged up  center and side seams and done.

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  1. Very cute! I made some doll PJs for my little girl this year too.


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