Monday, December 12, 2011

Rescued an Angel

    You know how things are just meant to be, even the simple things?
    Mr. G. thought we needed a topper for the tree which hasn't been a tradition for me so it didn't bother me.  Today I was digging through a bin of Christmas stuff at Goodwill and found an Angel we both agreed would feel at home on top of our tree.  She fit the theme of our tree - natural & simple.  After I had gotten her home, I realized she had an original $13.00 tag on her.  I paid $1.75 for her.  I dusted her off, puffed up her wings and straightened out her skirt and Greg placed on the top of the tree. My Christmas Guardian Angel? 

 She matched the garland!


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  1. I really love that angel! She's absolutely perfect for your tree. ~ Maureen

  2. She's beautiful. What a lucky find. My Christmas angel is retiring this year after many years on the tree. I will be blogging about it soon and showing her replacement.


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