Friday, December 30, 2011

Why Does it Take Me So Long to Wrap?

    OCD perhaps. I like for all gifts to be wrapped as much the same as possible.  
    My Aunt did that one year with red paper and wide gold ribbon.  It was beautiful. Shows no favoritism.   
    It started out saving time because I didn't have to make decisions about which paper to use for who.  Then one year I put an ornament on the gift and it hasn't stopped since.  
    Couple of years instead of using paper, I made all the gift bags from cloth that I was able to get for nearly nothing or it was given to me.  
    This year I found some wallpaper & curtain fabric at Restore this past fall.  Turns out I didn't have enough wall paper.    So, I used upholstery samples my neighbor gave me when I moved in to bag the larger items and the boy's gifts.  I spent almost as much time wrapping as I did making and getting the gifts. 

Grand total= $1.50 plus some tape.
We finally get to have our Christmas this weekend!

Here's the roll of curtain fabric.  It had Christmas colors but not Christmas theme pictures.  I decided if you cut (really tear) it into strips, you wouldn't be able to tell it wasn't Christmas fabric.

Ripping it makes perfect width strips.  I liked the frayed edges.

Frayed as much as possible so it wouldn't leave a mess during unwrapping....what am I talking about, there WILL be a mess.

Even though I have a free motion foot, I just as soon not use one.
This button drops my feed dogs so I can do free motion stitching.

After years of watching my old machine make letters, I can pretty much copycat.  My new machine won't make little letters.  It requires me to put on the hoop.  Glad I kept my old machine, even though it drags a lot.

I go for the tan or brown subtle designed wall papers.  The old timey country look.

Do you see peas & cabbage or do you see Christmas colors?
If I don't have the right size box, I whip up a bag with a handle.  The upholstery samples were perfect to make strong sturdy bags to hold the printer and pillows I gave my grand daughters.  Notice I tried to stay in the same color scheme of reds and browns.

These red velvet bags held the doll clothes I made for 2 little girls.  Thinking the bags will be used to carry around the doll clothes later.

So look for colors and don't pay attention to the design on the fabric.

Now let's pray Dad gets out of the hospital in time for our Christmas.

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  1. What beautiful package wraps. This would work for any gift occasion. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.

  2. great idea with the names very personalized. it looked great too.

    Ces of

  3. Love how everything is co-ordinated! I can't see any peas or carrots... it's all Christmas on those awesome bows!!! Fabulous ideas!!! I've been using fabric to tie presents, but using pinking shears to cut them. I like the look of the torn fabric better, so will do that next time.


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