Monday, December 26, 2011

How Many Doll Clothes Does a Skirt Make?

I promised to show you my Christmas projects after I gifted them.

How many pieces of doll clothing did I  make for an 18" doll from this child's skirt? 
For the fun of it, take a guess before you start scrolling down.

Top section is t-shirt knit used to make leggins. Perfect for leggins.

 Tally- 1 piece of clothing
Cut away carefully to retain gathering stitch.

Carefully cut apart layer by layer so as not to cut the stitching.
Journey Girl is a perfect 10. For real,  chest & waist are 10".  Hope that's what American Girl measures.

Lay flat to measure for skirt/top.

Strapless top or, since her waist measures the same, a skirt.

 Tally- Top/skirt = 2 pieces of clothing.
Found a gift tag with a beautiful piece of ribbon on it.

If you were worried about her top falling off, now it's a halter top but could still be a skirt.

Made a second with another piece of ribbon

 Tally- 3 pieces of clothing.

 Tally- 4 pieces of clothing.

 Tally- another top= 5 pieces of clothing.
Tops can be worn different ways.
  Tally- one more top out of the strip= 6 pieces of clothing.
Still have some leftover scraps.

Tally Total- Headband= 7 pieces of clothing. 
 Did you guess 7 pieces of clothing?
These pieces were given to sisters.  I'm sure they will share. 

Maybe your doll's child has some clothing they have outgrown and dearly love, but don't want to part with the garment.  Consider remaking it into clothing for the doll.  Let your garment tell your imagination how to transform it into clothing for the doll.  Sometimes use patterns and sometimes just remember the doll is almost a rectangle.

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  1. Cute clothes! It's fun to repurpos clothes into doll clothes. Having a lot of seams you can already use takes out a lot of steps! Great job! ~ Barbara

  2. Oh, these are all adorable. I guessed 5 outfits. Well done on making 7. My favourite is the halter top with leggings. It's great to be able to reuse a once loved piece of clothing.

  3. Really cute project! Mind if I feature it on

    :-) Mandy


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