Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Outdoor Decor: Christmas

Now, out the front door.

 Not one, but 2 birds are trying to make a home in the door decorations.
 One of the rocks on this porch used to belong to an important former family member.  I bought it at his auction.  He was always proud that he found it because it looked like a country ham complete with the strips of fat.

           Waterproof ribbon is a plastic table cloth- Salvation Army= .$99.

           I still thought the space looked like it needed something.
A wreath at Restore kept haunting me, so I went back today and it was still there.  It was marked half price.....$5 bucks.....The garland & lights were worth more than that not to mention the drain pipe it's made from which I may have to use if it keeps raining.

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