Sunday, December 4, 2011

Indoor Decor for Christmas

I celebrate CHRISTmas!  I don't put decorations up at Thanksgiving but rather I like to take them down around MLK day.  Sometimes to help through a bad winter, I might enjoy the warm lights through Valentines by taking all the Christmas stuff away and just leaving lights.  That's just me.

My Momma made a set of these each, 3 Kings and Mr. & Mrs. Claus, for her 3 daughters & Grand Kids. I finally once again have room to display them.  Looks like Momma is where I get my need for craftiness.  Mr. G gave me the sign last Christmas. 
   The body of the figures are dish detergent bottles.  I think she filled them with dried beans.

I've always noticed banisters decorated for Christmas in story books and movies.  
 The hanging of the stockings will happen when Mr. G is here.
Salt/Pepper shaker left from our farm tenant house that had a fire at Christmas years ago.  Sad year.

 Old & lot's of memories.  Disney salt dough figures made with my girls when they were in Elementary school.  Ordered the set of molds which came with the bright paint. I leave them on this tree that's set in a can of drive-way rocks wrapped in aluminum foil and just bag the whole tree to store. Gotta hang 3 back up.

Remember I said a couple of weeks ago that Mr. G got a lot of jobs done?  This bookcase was one of those.

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  1. I like #1, 4, 5

    Beautiful! Reds and Gold. Very attractive.


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